Portable Headphone AmplifierPHA-3

Turning the power on

When using the headphone amplifier for the first time, charge its battery beforehand.

Connect the headphone amplifier to your booted computer using the micro-USB cable (supplied).

  1. Rotate the power/volume knob clockwise.

    The POWER/CHG indicator flashes in green then lights up.

    Rotate the power/volume knob further clockwise to increase the volume.


  • When the headphone amplifier is turned on, you can check the battery level by the number of times the POWER/CHG indicator flashes in green.
    • Flashes three times: Substantially charged
    • Flashes twice: Half charged
    • Flashes once: Battery level is low. It is necessary to charge the battery.
    • Always flashing: It is necessary to charge the battery. If you continue to use the headphone amplifier without charging, it will turn off automatically.