Portable Headphone AmplifierPHA-3

Checking the battery level

Check the battery level before carrying out the headphone amplifier.

  1. If the micro-USB cable (supplied) is connected to the DC IN 5V port, disconnect it.
  2. Rotate the power/volume knob clockwise to turn the headphone amplifier on, and check how many times the POWER/CHG indicator flashes in green.
    • Flashes three times: Substantially charged
    • Flashes twice: Half charged
    • Flashes once: Battery level is low. It is necessary to charge the battery.
    • Always flashing: It is necessary to charge the battery. If you continue to use the headphone amplifier without charging, it will turn off automatically.


  • The battery level that the indicator shows is a rough guide. The actual battery level may differ depending on the condition of use.