How to input characters

When the character input screen appears during operations, enter characters as follows:

A: Character input area

B: Keyboard area


  1. Turn the jog dial left or right to select a character in the keyboard area, and then press ENTER to enter the selection.
  2. Repeat the operations in step 1 to enter a text string.
  3. When the character input is done, turn the jog dial left or right to select [OK], and then press ENTER.


  • To change the type of characters, use the character type selection button on the bottom left of the keyboard area.
    The character type changes in the order of [ABC] (capitals), [abc] (lower case) and [@./] (symbols).
  • To move the cursor left and right in the character input area, use /.
  • To delete a character, move the cursor to the right of the character you want to delete, and then use [BS] on the keyboard area.