Standby modes

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER has two types of standby mode: normal standby mode and Network Standby mode.

Standby mode

Press the button to switch to standby mode so that you can save power.

(The HDD AUDIO PLAYER enters this standby mode if the Network Standby mode is disabled. The HDD AUDIO PLAYER cannot be operated through the network.)

Network Standby mode

In this mode, the network function is activated even when the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is in standby mode.

This function is useful in the following cases:

  • When music files are transferred to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER using the HAP Music Transfer application.
  • When you want to launch the HDD AUDIO PLAYER from the HDD Audio Remote application.

Select [Settings] - [System Settings] - [Network Standby] from the menu to set the Network Standby mode.


  • The HDD AUDIO PLAYER does not enter standby mode when music files are being transferred from your computer, smartphone or tablet or when the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is analyzing transferred music files, even if you press the button to switch to standby mode. The HDD AUDIO PLAYER enters standby after all target music files are transferred and analyzed.


  • The HDD AUDIO PLAYER enters the Network Standby mode after 20 minutes of no operations and no playback if [Auto Standby] is set to [On] (factory default setting).