Connecting the HDD AUDIO PLAYER to a network automatically

This topic explains how to connect the HDD AUDIO PLAYER to a wired network by obtaining an IP address automatically.

As the HDD AUDIO PLAYER can obtain an IP address automatically, you do not have to make complicated connection configurations. You can connect the HDD AUDIO PLAYER to a network simply by connecting the LAN cable (supplied).

  1. Select [Settings] - [Network Settings] - [Internet Settings] from the Home screen.
  2. Select [Wired Setup].
    A selection screen for the connection method appears.
  3. Select [Auto].
    A network setting configuration screen appears.
  4. Select [Next].
    A confirmation message for the LAN cable connection appears.
  5. Select [Save & Connect].
    The HDD AUDIO PLAYER starts connecting to the network.
  6. When the network connection is completed, confirm the message about the wired LAN and Internet access on the screen and then select [OK].