Method 1. Setting up a network connection using the WPS push button configuration method

If your wireless LAN router/access point has a WPS button, you can easily connect the HDD AUDIO PLAYER to a Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) network.
If your wireless LAN router has an AOSS button or other easy setup button, it may support WPS. Check the operation manual of your wireless LAN router/access point for details.

  1. Select [Settings] - [Network Settings] - [Internet Settings].
  2. Select [Wireless Setup].
  3. Select [Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)].
  4. Select [Start] and then press the WPS button on your wireless LAN router/access point.
    The HDD AUDIO PLAYER starts searching for the access point.
  5. When the connection is made, confirm the registration completion message that appears on the screen and then select [Next].
  6. When the network setup is completed, select [OK] on the screen.


  • If you cannot connect to a network correctly, the following reasons are possible. Try the connection again or use another connection method.
    • You pressed the WPS button more than two minutes after selecting [Start] in step 4.
    • The WPS button may have to be pressed and held for about two minutes (depending on the router).
  • You cannot cancel the connection after the HDD AUDIO PLAYER has started connecting to the network.
  • Do not turn the power off while the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is connecting to the network.


  • For details on the name and position of the WPS button on your wireless LAN router/access point, refer to the operating manual of the router/access point.