Method 4. Setting up a network connection using the (WPS) PIN code configuration method

You can set up a connection by entering the (WPS) PIN (Personal Identification Number) code of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER into the wireless LAN router/access point to authenticate the connection between the devices.

  1. Select [Settings] - [Network Settings] - [Internet Settings].
  2. Select [Wireless Setup].
  3. Select [Select access point].
    The HDD AUDIO PLAYER starts searching for the available access point.
  4. When the list of available network names (SSID) is displayed, select [Add a new access point].
  5. Select [(WPS) PIN Method].
    The (WPS) PIN code for the HDD AUDIO PLAYER appears.
  6. Enter the (WPS) PIN code of HDD AUDIO PLAYER into the wireless LAN router/access point.
    For details on entering the (WPS) PIN code, refer to the operating manual of your wireless LAN router/access point.
  7. When you have finished entering the (WPS) PIN code, select [Start] on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.

    The HDD AUDIO PLAYER and wireless LAN router/access point start authenticating the connection with each other.

    When the certification is completed, a confirmation screen of the network name (SSID) and security key (WEP/WPA) appears.

  8. Select [Next] on the confirmation screen.
  9. When the setup is completed, select [OK] on the screen.


  • You cannot cancel the connection after the HDD AUDIO PLAYER has started connecting to the network.
  • Do not turn the power off while the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is connecting to the network.