Playing music files

You need to transfer music files stored in your computer to the hard disk drive of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER before you can listen to them on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER. For details, see “Transferring music files from a computer to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.”


  • When using an external hard disk drive, connect the external hard disk drive to the EXT port on the rear panel of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER before you turn on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
  1. Select a desired category from [Genres], [Artists], [Albums], [Tracks], [Folders] in the Home screen.
  2. Start playing.
    • When selecting [Genres], [Artists], [Albums], or [Tracks]:
      Select the desired item from the list and repeat this operation until you select a track.

      When you select a track, playback starts.

      If you want to play all tracks in a list, select [All Genres], [All Artists], or [All Albums] and then keep selecting items until you reach the desired list.

    • When selecting [Folders]:
      Select [HAP_Internal] (to select the internal hard disk drive) or [HAP_External] (to select the external hard disk drive), and then select the desired folder or file from the list.

      When you select a file, playback starts.


  • Do not disconnect an external hard disk drive from the HDD AUDIO PLAYER while playing a track stored in the external hard disk drive.


  • Each transferred music file becomes available for selection once it is registered to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
  • The HDD AUDIO PLAYER may have sample files by default.
  • Press the button to stop playback.
  • If you turn the jog dial for two clicks or more, the Play Queue screen appears.
  • If you press the ENTER button while playing, the Playback Options screen appears.