Playing tracks using SensMe™ channels

SensMe™ channels” is a function that analyzes and automatically categorizes music tracks according to their mood and tempo using the 12 TONE ANALYSIS technology developed by Sony.

You can enjoy channels that suit your mood or the time of the day.

  1. Select [SensMe™ channels] in the Home screen.
  2. Select the desired channel.
    Playback of tracks in the channel starts.

Details of displayed items

You can select from the following channels:

Play music for various times of the day.
Plays uptempo and high-energy music.
Plays calm and relaxing music.
Plays cheerful and uplifting music.
Plays soft and slow-tempo music.
Plays jazz and easy listening music.
Plays ballads.
Plays rhythm, rap and R & B music.
Plays loud and powerful music.


  • The HDD AUDIO PLAYER must be connected to the Internet to categorize music files using SensMe™ channels, as SensMe™ channels analyzes music files and accesses the Gracenote server to obtain music information.
  • All channels are displayed even if no tracks are stored in some channels.
  • Some tracks may be categorized into a channel that differs from the feel of the track.
  • Shuffle mode is set to [Tracks] and repeat mode is set to [All tracks] automatically and you cannot change them while playing a channel. These play modes are only active while the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is playing SensMe™ channels.
  • Tracks will be removed from SensMe™ channels in the following cases:
    • The track has been deleted from the hard disk drive of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
    • The track is stored in an externally connected hard disk drive and this has been disconnected from the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
    • You have performed the Factory Reset or Format External HDD function on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
  • Music files that cannot be analyzed may not be categorized into SensMe™ channels automatically even if they are correctly transferred and registered in the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.


  • In the SensMe™ channels screen, press and hold the ENTER to display the Options menu. You can restore all SensMe™ channels to the default by selecting [Edit SensMe™ channels] from the Options menu.
  • You can check the music files that are not registered to SensMe™ channels in [Unregistered Tracks].