Playing tracks in playlists

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER automatically creates playlists such as a list of newly transferred tracks and a list of frequently played tracks. You can also play playlists you have created using HDD Audio Remote.

  1. Select [Playlists] in the Home screen.
  2. Select the desired playlist.
  3. Select a track.
    Playback starts.

Details of displayed items

The following playlists are created automatically:

Newly added :
Tracks that are newly added to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER. Up to 100 tracks are displayed in reverse chronological order.
Most played :
The tracks that are most frequently played. Up to 100 tracks are displayed in descending order of frequency.
Least played :
Tracks that are least frequently played or have never been played. Up to 100 tracks are displayed in ascending order of frequency.
Recently played :
Tracks that are recently played. Up to 100 tracks are displayed, starting from the most recently played track.


  • You can create up to 100 playlists. You can create your own playlists using HDD Audio Remote.
  • A playlist can contain up to 1,000 tracks.
  • Tracks will be removed from playlists in the following cases:
    • The track has been set as .
    • The track has been deleted from the hard disk drive of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
    • The track is stored in an externally connected hard disk drive and this has been disconnected from the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
  • If you perform one of the following functions on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER, all playlists you have created will be deleted. The four playlists that are automatically created will remain, but the content in these four playlists will be deleted.
    • Factory Reset
    • Format External HDD
    • Clear Database


  • A track is only counted as played when it is played to the end.
  • If you install the HDD Audio Remote application on your smartphone or tablet, you can create playlists of tracks you like using the application.