Software updates for the HDD AUDIO PLAYER

When updating the software of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER is possible by performing the Network Update function, [A new version of the software is available. Update the software now? To update later, go to the "Settings" menu and select "Network Update". For details on updates, see the Sony website.] you will be notified on the screen: (The HDD AUDIO PLAYER is set to notify you of updates, as the [Software Update Notification] function is set to [On] as the factory default setting).

By updating the software, you can update the HDD AUDIO PLAYER functions.

When the above message appears, select either [Now] or [Later] to update the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.

  • If you have selected [Now]: Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to update the software.
  • If you have selected [Later]: Select [Settings] - [Network Update] from the Home screen to update the software.