Features of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER

Thank you for purchasing this HDD AUDIO PLAYER.

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER is a music player that allows you to transfer and store High-Resolution Audio files, such as DSD, and various other formats of audio files, such as MP3 and FLAC, from your computer and enjoy playback of high quality audio sources.

You can install a specially designed application on your smartphone or tablet and operate the HDD AUDIO PLAYER remotely.

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER has the following features:

Transferring various audio files to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER

You can transfer various types of audio files to the hard disk drive of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER from a computer connected to the same network (*).

Storing audio files in the HDD AUDIO PLAYER allows you to enjoy high quality sound playback that is not affected by the network environment.

* You can use HAP Music Transfer, an application designed for HDD AUDIO PLAYER, to automatically transfer audio files from your computer to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.

High quality audio playback

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER can play High-Resolution Audio files such as 192 kHz/24 bit, 96 kHz/24 bit, or DSD (Direct Stream Digital) audio files.

Furthermore, the HDD AUDIO PLAYER gives a more natural and expansive sound to compressed audio files, such as MP3s, by restoring high-frequency sound and almost imperceptible sound during fade-out, which are usually lost by compression.

Easy operation with your smartphone or tablet


The HDD Audio Remote application is available to for even easier operation of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.

You can install the application on your smartphone or tablet.