You cannot operate the connected Sony amplifier or an amplifier from another manufacturer.

  • If you operate the connected amplifier using the remote control supplied with the HDD AUDIO PLAYER, operation of the amplifier may become inconsistent (operating at times but not operating at other times) due to interference of the remote control signal, especially if you continuously control the volume.
    For example, if the infrared signal from the supplied remote control directly enters the remote sensor (receiver) of the connected amplifier, interference may occur with the signal input from the IR input jack of the amplifier or the signal output from the installed IR blaster. This causes the amplifier to fail to receive the correct signal, resulting in inconsistent response from the amplifier.
    In this case, place the amplifier in a location where it will not be affected by the infrared signal of the remote control of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.
    It is recommended that you use HDD Audio Remote, to avoid interference problems.
  • Even if you configure the remote control supplied with the HDD AUDIO PLAYER so that it can operate equipment manufactured by other companies, the remote control may not work correctly depending on the manufacturer or manufacture year of the equipment.