Registered music file information

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER analyzes the ID3 tag information, a type of music information metadata contained in music files, and registers the files to [Genres], [Artists], [Albums] and [Tracks]. If music files do not contain ID3 tags or if any of the information is missing, the HDD AUDIO PLAYER automatically accesses the Gracenote server on the Web and obtains music information.

You can also obtain music information by displaying the Options screen from the list screen or Playback screen and then selecting [Get music info].

Music file management on the HDD AUDIO PLAYER

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER registers music information obtained from music files when you transfer them to the HDD AUDIO PLAYER.

The HDD AUDIO PLAYER utilizes music information about the album name, album artist name, album art image, track name, track artist name, track number and track genre from each music file.

The method of embedding music information differs depending on the music file management software or tag editing software.

Music information is classified on the list screen of the HDD AUDIO PLAYER as follows.

Genres: Displays the track genre in [Genres].

Artists: Displays the track artist name in [Artists].

Albums: Displays information composed of the album name and album artist name in [Albums].

Tracks: Displays the track name in [Tracks].


  • The HDD AUDIO PLAYER must be connected to the Internet to analyze music files and access the Gracenote server to obtain music information.
  • WAV files generally do not contain ID3 tag information. When a music file does not contain ID3 tag information, that file is registered in [Unknown Genre], [Unknown Artist], [Unknown Album] and [Tracks] with its file name. However, if the music information can be analyzed and obtained from the Gracenote database, that file is re-registered to Genres, Artists, Albums and Tracks.
  • The correct music information may not be obtained for some files due to the type of music file.
  • Text encoding information may be dropped out while the music file management software is embedding music information. In despite of automatic detection of the text encoding type attempted by the HDD AUDIO PLAYER, the music information may not be correctly displayed. In such a case, check your music file management software settings, or change the text encoding type by selecting [Settings] - [System Settings] - [Text encoding] and copy the file again.
  • Some music file management software only manages the music information in the database on your computer and does not embed any music information to the music files. In other cases, some music file management software embeds part of the music information to the music files.
  • The method of embedding music information differs depending on the music file format in some music file management software.
  • Some music file management software uses a different method from the HDD AUDIO PLAYER to construct an album from multiple tracks.