Charging the Battery

The battery is charged when your tablet device is plugged in. The charging time will vary depending on your usage.
  1. Plug the AC power cord (mains lead) into the AC adapter.

  1. Plug the AC power cord (mains lead) into an AC outlet (wall socket).

  1. Turn over your tablet device, and then plug the AC adapter into the tablet device charge connector in the direction shown below.

The charge indicator is lit according to the battery charging condition of your tablet device.
  • Using the designated Sony cradle (SGPDS1, sold separately) for your tablet device allows you to charge the battery easier.

On the charge indicator

The charge indicator lights up in different colors, depending on the remaining battery level.
Red: The battery needs to be charged.
Yellow (orange): Insufficiently charged.
Green: Sufficiently charged.
  • The charge indicator blinks in red when the remaining battery is getting low during operation.

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