Notes on Using SD Memory Cards

  • Keep away from children. SD memory cards are harmful if swallowed.

  • Do not touch the contacts with fingers or metal objects.

  • SD memory cards contain delicate electronic components. Do not subject them to excessive force, bend or drop them.

  • Do not disassemble or modify.

  • Avoid moisture.

  • Do not use or store in the following locations:

  • Places with high temperature, such as inside an enclosed car in the sunshine

  • Places exposed to direct sunlight

  • Humid or corrosive environments

  • Excessively dusty places

  • Be sure to use SD memory cards that are compliant with the standards supported by your tablet device. A wrong-size card may become jammed in the slot, causing damage to your tablet device.

  • You cannot write data to an SD memory card that is write-protected.

  • It is recommended that you make a backup copy of important data.

  • To avoid losing stored data, keep SD memory cards away from static electricity or electrical noise that may interfere with the card.

  • When carrying SD memory cards, be sure to put them in their case to avoid static electricity damage.

  • Before using an SD memory card with a device other than a tablet device, such as a digital camera or a portable audio player, format (initialize) the SD memory card using that device.

    Some devices may not support the file format for tablet devices and show you a message that recommends you to format the card. If you encounter such a message, copy data from the card to your tablet device (or to other devices via the network) and format the card using the device other than the tablet. Note that formatting a card will delete all current data contained in it. For more details, refer to the manual of the device you are using.
  • Do not insert foreign objects into the SD memory card slot.

  • The SD memory card slot can be used for reading/writing supported cards only, and it cannot be used for other purposes.

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