Updating Android to the Latest Version

Update your tablet device to the latest version of Android.
  • Once updating is done, you cannot return your tablet device to an older version of Android. Updating requires the remaining battery level to be at 50 % or greater and use of the AC adapter. Your tablet device may no longer turn on if the battery is depleted while updating.

  • The data stored on the internal storage (memory space in your tablet device) will not be erased by updating.

  • There must be enough free space on the internal storage to download the update files when updating.

  • Some applications may not be compatible with the updated version of Android, and they may no longer run after updating.

  • Be sure to check the Android version each application is compatible with before updating.

  • Updating may take longer if you connect to the Internet using the wireless WAN (3G) function. In addition, large data charges may be incurred depending on the service you subscribe to.

  1. [ Apps & Widgets] - [ Settings] - [About tablet].

  1. Tap [System update].

The screen to start updating is displayed when an update is available. Start updating by following the instructions on the screen.
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