Application Launcher and Widgets

When you tap [ Apps & Widgets] on the Home screen, the application launcher or the list of widgets is displayed.

The application launcher displays the icons of all available apps, allowing you to tap those to start an app. The list of widgets displays mini-applications that you can place on the Home screen. If an app is supplied with a widget, place the widget on the Home screen so that you can operate the app from the Home screen easily.

Switching between the application launcher and the list of widgets

  1. Tap the [APPS] or [WIDGETS] at the top left of the screen.

  • If there are multiple pages in the application launcher, flick left to display other pages. The list of widgets is displayed after the application launcher.

Sorting the application icons and widgets

  1. Tap at the top right of the screen and select a sorting method.

[A to Z] : Sort by name.
[Newest first] : Sort by date of update.

Uninstalling an application

  1. In the application launcher, tap and hold the icon of the app you want to uninstall.

  1. Drag and drop the icon to [ Uninstall].

Displaying the app information

  1. Tap and hold the icon of the app you want to check information of.

  1. Drag and drop the icon to [ App info].

  • If the Market app is installed, is displayed to the left of . You can start the Market app by tapping .

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