List of Apps

When you first purchase your tablet device, the following apps are preinstalled on it. You can start each app by tapping its icon.
  • When (Option menu) appears at the top right of the screen, you can tap it to display the option menu.

Manage your schedule and synchronizing the schedule with Google Calendar [Details]
Browse Internet websites [Details]
Shoot photos or movies [Details]
Manage contacts for your friends or colleagues [Details]
Desk clock
Display the current time [Details]
Send or receive PC e-mail messages [Details]
Video player
Play back movie files [Details]
Music player
Play back music files [Details]
Browse photos or play them back as a slide show [Details]
File transfer
Transfer files between the internal memory and an SD memory card [Details]
Remote control
Use your tablet device as a remote control [Details]
Exchange videos, music, and photos with other devices via the home network and play them back [Details]
Social Feed Reader
Access Social Networking Services such as Twitter or Facebook [Details]
Wi-Fi checker
Check the Wi-Fi connection of your tablet device [Details]
Reader *1
Purchase and browse eBooks content [Details]
Help guide
Display this Help guide via the network
Select App
Access websites that introduce Sony-recommended apps [Details]
Video Unlimited *1
Access Sony’s premium video delivery service [Details]
Music Unlimited *1
Access Sony’s cloud music delivery service [Details]
Personal Space *1
Access the website for Sony’s online imaging service [Details]
PS Store *1
You can purchase and download PlayStation games from the PlayStation(R)Store [Details].
Crash Bandicoot(R) *1
Play this classic game for the first generation PlayStation (Controller of the PlayStation(R)3 system supported)
MediEvil *1
Play this classic game for the first generation PlayStation (Controller of the PlayStation(R)3 system supported)
Pinball Heroes
Play this pinball game (Controller of the PlayStation(R)3 system supported)
MediaRemote *1
Control Sony devices supporting the MediaRemote app via the Wi-Fi network [Details]
Change various settings of your tablet device [Details]
Play back music
Make basic calculations [Details]
Send or receive Gmail
Google Search
Make Google searches [Details]
Videos *1
Play back movie files you have rented from Android Market
Find your location and search destinations/routes (Google Maps)
Use this information service for shops and places
Use this Internet-aided GPS navigation system that includes a voice guidance function
Check a friend’s current position on a map
Chat by text/voice and make video calls (Google Talk)
Download or purchase new apps
YouTube *1
Use the YouTube video-sharing website
Use the download manager to display or manage Internet content downloads
Foursquare *1
Share with friends and acquaintances information on shops and places you visit, or get money-saving information [Details].
Crackle *1
View full-length and full-size Hollywood movies and TV programs [Details].
Ustream *1
Stream live video using the built-in camera, and communicate with viewers [Details].
Zinio *1
Use this app for the world largest bookstore application to enjoy the world top magazines as eBooks [Details].
Evernote *1
Store memos, photos and voice messages on the cloud, and browse them from your computer and tablet device at any time [Details].
HD Games
Download high quality games to your Android tablet from the Top HD Games at Gameloft's online store [Details].

*1 Apps or services may not be available in some countries/regions.