The Browser app lets you access and browse websites on the Internet. You can display/switch between multiple websites by using tabs.
  1. Tap to start the Browser app.

  • If you cannot find the icon to start the app, look for it in the application launcher displayed by tapping [ Apps & Widgets] at the top right of the Home screen.

  • Certain websites may not be displayed, because the browser does not support the photo/movie format or plug-in.

  • You can launch the browser as a Small Apps. In this case, the following functions are not supported.

  • Playing back flash content

  • Browsing websites by using tabs

  • Bookmarks and access histories

Browsing Websites

  1. Tap the address bar on the browser.

The on-screen keyboard is displayed.
  1. Input the address (URL) of the desired website, and tap the key.

  • If the content does not appear correctly, tap [Settings] followed by [Advanced] in the (Option menu), then tap [Enable Quick view] to remove the check.

  • You can search the Internet by inputting a keyword or phrase instead of the address (URL) in step 2.

  • If the address bar is not displayed at the top of the screen, tap the tab.

  • To add a tab, tap at the right end of the tabs list.

  • To delete a tab, tap at the right end inside the tab.

  • If the website is displayed differently from when browsed on a computer, tap (Option menu) at the top right of the screen and put a check mark in [Request desktop site] in the menu. Then you can browse the website as on a computer.

    You can set desktop or mobile site for each tab.

To view/delete the access history

To view the websites you accessed previously, tap followed by [HISTORY] at the top left of the screen.
To delete the history, tap after displaying the history.

Using Bookmarks

The bookmark function allows you to record addresses (URLs) of websites you visit frequently to allow you to access those sites quickly. You can also make shortcuts on the Home screen for addresses (URLs).

To add a bookmark for an address (URL)

Tap at the right of the address bar to check the detailed information, and then tap [OK].

To make a shortcut on the Home screen for an address (URL)

Tap at the right of the address bar, select [ Home screen] as the destination, and then tap [OK].

To access a website from its bookmark

Tap to call up the list of registered bookmarks. Tap the desired website from the list.