You can manage your schedule on your tablet device. By registering your Google account, you can sync your Google Calendar and your schedule data, making your schedule even more handy.

If using Microsoft Exchange Server, you can manage your schedule by connecting to Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Ask your network administrator, etc. about how to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server.

  1. Tap to start the Calendar app.

The calendar is displayed.
Tapping the icons at the top of the screen allows you to do the following operations.
: Add schedules
: Set a date to be displayed
: Search for a schedule
: Make detailed settings of the Calendar app
[TODAY]: Display today’s schedule
[MONTH]: Display the calendar by month
[WEEK]: Display the calendar by week
[DAY]: Display the schedule for one day
[AGENDA]: Display the list of scheduled items
  • If you cannot find the icon to start the app, look for it in the application launcher displayed by tapping [ Apps & Widgets] at the top right of the Home screen.

  • You can change the month or date and time by flicking up/down/right/left on the schedule or mini-calendar.

Adding a schedule

  1. Tap and hold the date and time you want to add a schedule for, and then tap [New event]. Or, tap .

  1. Input the starting date and time and details of the schedule, and then tap [ DONE] at the top right of the screen.

  • You can have your tablet device notify you when close to the scheduled date and time.

Changing a schedule

  1. Tap the schedule you want to change.

  1. Tap , input the item to be changed, and then tap [ DONE] at the top right of the screen.

Deleting a schedule

  1. Tap the schedule you want to delete.

  1. Tap followed by [OK].

  • When you share the schedule on Google Calendar, choose the people with whom you share it very carefully to prevent your schedule from being disclosed to undesired users.

  • If your calendar is not synced with Google Calendar automatically, tap [ Settings] followed by [Accounts & sync], and check whether the switch at the top right of the screen is set to [ON].

  • If your calendar is set to sync with Google Calendar automatically and you change the schedule on a computer or other devices, your tablet device will connect with Google Calendar automatically. This may cause unexpected communications charge.