Volume and vibration

The volume and vibration can be changed either by using the volume button or by changing a setting.

You can change the ring, media, alarm, and in-call volumes. Additionally, you can set your device to vibrate.


  • App settings can override the selected volume and vibration settings.

Changing the volume

  1. Press the volume up or down button to change the media volume.
    The media volume slider appears and the media volume is changed. You can also change the media volume by dragging the slider.
  2. To change the in-call, ring and notification, or alarm volumes, tap (More icon).
    Use each slider to adjust the volume. Tap [See more] for more options.

Activating the vibrating mode

  1. Press the volume up or down button.
  2. Tap the icon displayed above the slider, and then select (Vibrate icon).

Activating sound with vibration for incoming calls

  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Sound] > [Vibrate for calls].
  2. Select an option.