Status icons

  • (Signal strength icon): The mobile network mode is also displayed when sending and downloading mobile data.

  • (No signal icon)

  • (Data roaming icon): International roaming is in use.

  • (Wi-Fi signal icon): A Wi-Fi connection is enabled and data is being transmitted.
    The number displayed to the left of the icon differs according to the Wi-Fi standard of the current connection.

  • (Wi-Fi connection error icon): A Wi-Fi connection is enabled but there is no internet connection.

    This icon also appears when you are trying to connect to a captive portal network. After a successful login, the cross mark disappears.
    If Google is blocked in your area, the cross mark may appear even when the device is connected to a network and there is a Wi-Fi working internet connection.

  • (Battery status icon)

  • (Charging battery icon)

  • (STAMINA mode icon)

  • (Data Saver icon)

  • (Airplane mode icon)

  • (Bluetooth icon): Your device is connected to a Bluetooth compatible device.

  • (Microphone muting icon)

  • (Speakerphone icon)

  • (Do Not Disturb icon)

  • (Muting icon)

  • (Vibrate icon)

  • (Alarm icon)

  • (GPS icon)


  • Not all icons that may appear on your device are listed here. This list is for reference purposes only, and changes may be made without notice.