Notification icons

  • (New SMS icon)

  • (Ongoing call icon)

  • (Missed call icon)

  • (Phone call on hold icon)

  • (Call forward icon): Call forwarding is turned on

  • (Downloading data icon)

  • (Uploading data icon)

  • (Software setup icon): A basic setup of your device is available

  • (Install latest software icon): A software update is available

  • (System update icon): System updates are available

  • (Downloading system update icon)

  • (Installing downloaded system update icon)

  • (Battery Care icon)

  • (Battery share icon)

  • (Dynamic Vibration icon)

  • (More notifications icon): More undisplayed notifications


  • Not all icons that may appear on your device are listed here. This list is for reference purposes only, and changes may be made without notice.