Bokeh effect

You can take pictures with the Bokeh effect when using the main camera on your device. The Bokeh effect decreases focus in the background of a photo to emphasize objects at the foreground, for an artistic effect.

  1. While using the main camera in the BASIC (Basic) mode, tap (Bokeh icon).
  2. Tap the [Bokeh] button beside the slider to turn the bokeh effect on.
    The [Bokeh] button turns orange.
  3. Drag the slider to adjust.

    To hide the slider, tap (Close button) or the viewfinder.

    To switch the Bokeh effect on or off, tap the [Bokeh] button beside the slider.

  4. Tap the screen shutter button or press the device shutter button to take a photo.


  • The Bokeh effect is not available when (Ultra-wide button) is selected.
  • Zooming is not available while using the Bokeh effect.


  • If you get too close to or too far to an object while using the Bokeh effect, a warning message appears. If this happens, adjust the distance between your camera and the object to take the photo with Bokeh effect.