Video Pro Menu

Tap [Menu] to open the menu. To switch pages, tap [1] or [2]. Some menus on page 2 can also be adjusted by tapping icons at the bottom of the viewfinder.


  • Tap orange parameters to change settings.
  • Some options are not available in the streaming mode.
  • Lens

    Selects a lens.

    When you select [Seamless zoom], you can seamlessly zoom in and out without switching lenses.

  • FPS

    Adjusts the frame rate.


    Select a format and a dynamic range. Tap (Show details button) for more information about the HDR/SDR and dynamic range.

  • Slow motion

    Enables or disables slow-motion recording.

  • Video format

    Selects a video format.

  • Video light

    Turns the flashlight on or off.

  • Markers

    Set [Use markers] to [On] to display markers and guidelines. You can set the types of markers and guidelines to be displayed.

  • Stabilization

    Turns video stabilization on or off.

  • WB

    Adjusts the white balance. To adjust the white balance according to a selected white area, select [Custom 1], [Custom 2], or [Custom 3], tap [Set], hold your device so that the white area fully covers the frame in the center, and then tap [Set] again.

    To switch the displayed options between the preset mode and temperature mode, tap (Settings icon) > [WB mode]. When [Adjust ABGM] is set to [On] in the Settings menu, you can use the sliders to adjust the white balance. Tap [Reset] to reset the slider values.

  • Gain/ISO

    Adjusts the ISO sensitivity or gain. To switch the displayed value between the ISO sensitivity and gain, tap (Settings icon) > [ISO/Gain mode].

  • Shutter

    Set to [Auto] to adjust the shutter speed automatically according to the subject. When the shutter speed is turned off by tapping the switch, the shutter speed is adjusted according to the selected frame rate.

  • AE level

    Changes the automatic exposure adjustment value.

  • Input volume/Output volume

    Changes the audio level.

  • Face/Eye AF

    Detects and focuses on the faces or eyes of people and animals.

    The [Face/Eye AF] function is not available when [FPS] is set to [119.88] or [Video format] is set to [3840x2160P] and [FPS] is set to [59.94].