External monitor Streaming mode

The External monitor app supports live streaming using RTMP.
  1. Launch the External monitor app and connect a video device.
  2. Tap (Settings icon) > [Streaming settings].
    If no menus or icons are displayed, tap anywhere on the screen.
  3. Tap [Connect to], and then select the method of RTMP streaming.
    • [Custom RTMP]: Select to stream using RTMP, and then set [RTMP stream URL] and [RTMP stream key].
    • [YouTube™]: Select to stream using YouTube, and then set [YouTube™ account] and [YouTube™ live event]. To create a new event, tap [Create new event].
  4. Tap [Mode], and then select [Streaming mode].
  5. Tap (Streaming button) to start streaming.
    To stop streaming, tap (Streaming button).


  • When using the External monitor app, observe the terms of service for the live streaming service and requirements related to live streaming.
  • Depending on the live streaming service, the conditions or specifications may change or be added without notice.
  • If live streaming does not work properly, try switching the network type. To switch the network type, find and tap [Settings] > [Network & internet] > [SIMs], select a SIM, tap [Preferred network type], and then select a network type. Available network types depend on your contract.
  • If you select [YouTube™] for [Connect to], the streaming destination will be a single channel linked to your Google account. If you have multiple channels registered and want to specify the streaming destination, select [Custom RTMP] for [Connect to].


  • To make streaming more stable, adjust the settings in the [Video] category according to the specifications of the live streaming service, the network bandwidth, and the network status. Tap (Settings icon) > [Streaming settings] > [Max resolution], [Frame rate], or [Video quality], and then select an option. The options are as follows.
    Max resolution Frame rate


    Video quality (streaming bitrate)
    Low Medium High
    3840 x 2160 60/50 20000 kbps 35500 kbps 51000 kbps
    30 or less 13000 kbps 23500 kbps 34000 kbps
    1920 x 1080 60/50 4500 kbps 6750 kbps 9000 kbps
    30 or less 3000 kbps 4500 kbps 6000 kbps
    1280 x 720 60/50 2250 kbps 4125 kbps 6000 kbps
    30 or less 1500 kbps 2750 kbps 4000 kbps
  • When streaming, the values for resolution, frame rate, and video quality adjusted in the [Video] category are upper limits. If the values for the video input from the connected external camera are lower than the settings adjusted in the [Video] category, the video will be streamed with the settings from the connected external camera.

External monitor Streaming mode overview

Image showing where each parameter is located on the External monitor Streaming mode screen. Upper area, 1. Right area from top to bottom, 2 and 3. Left area, 4.

  1. Streaming indicator/Streaming time/Streaming bitrate (displayed only during streaming)
  2. Tap to mute or unmute the microphone.
  3. Tap to start or stop streaming.
  4. Network status