Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Updating the system software (iOS device)

  1. Tap (Settings) on the file/folder list screen.

  2. Tap [System].

    The current version of system software on this unit is displayed.

  3. Tap [Update].

    If a system software update is available, its version number is displayed.

  4. Tap [OK].

    The update confirmation screen is displayed.

  5. Tap [OK].

    The system software update starts.

    To complete the system software update, the unit restarts. Connect the unit and the iOS device again, since the wireless connection will have been stopped.

  6. Confirm that the system software has been updated to the latest version by performing steps 1 – 3.


  • Distribution of the system software is done by updating "PWS Manager." Check the update status of the application periodically to make sure the latest version is being used.
  • Update cannot be done if the battery charge is low. Confirm that the battery charge remains 60% or more and then perform update. See "Checking the remaining battery level (iOS device)."
  • Do not press the RESET switch or (Power) button while updating.
  • Update the system software in a location where communication conditions are stable.