Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Supplying power to other devices

  1. Turn on this unit (WG-C10).
  2. Connect the supplied USB cable* to the device you want to charge.

    You should connect the USB terminal of the other device and the USB A port of this unit.

    This unit starts charging the other device.

    *For iOS devices, use the dedicated cable bundled with your device when you purchased it.

  3. When charging of the other device is complete, remove the USB cable from this unit and the other device.


  • You should charge this unit beforehand. If the remaining battery charge is not sufficient, this unit will not be able to supply power.
  • Be sure to insert the connector in the correct way. Pushing the connector forcibly into the port will damage the port and may result in a malfunction.


  • The maximum output current of the USB port of this unit is 500 mA. If the supply output current exceeds 500 mA, the power is stopped for safety. Before supplying power to another device, be sure to check the voltage and current ratings of the device.
  • Correct operation is not assured if a USB hub or USB extension cable is used.
  • The unit may become warm during use. This is not a malfunction.
  • The wireless LAN function is available while supplying power to another device.