Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Setting up the security

  1. Connect this unit and a computer via wireless LAN.
  2. Enter the following address in the address bar of the web browser to access the setting screen of this unit.

    Windows: Internet Explorer, Mac: Safari

    The security setting screen is displayed.

  3. Select the authentication method (WEP/WPA/WPA2) to be used.

    WPA2 is recommended.

    If [Disabled] is selected, the security is not set on this unit.

  4. Enter a password (alpha-numeric) of your choice. Reenter it for confirmation, then select [Save].

    The password length depends on the authentication method.

    WEP: 5 characters or 13 characters

    WPA: 8 – 63 characters

    WPA2: 8 – 63 characters

    Password security is then set on this unit.

  5. The wireless LAN connection stops by performing this operation. Perform the procedure in "Connecting a computer via wireless LAN", using the password set in this section, to connect this unit and the computer.


  • Setting security is extremely important when using devices equipped with the wireless LAN function. If the security is not set, it is possible for the unit to be accessed from any compatible device within the communication range. To protect your data, be sure to set up the security.
  • If you cannot connect to the above-mentioned address, see whether a proxy has been set up. If a proxy has been set up, remove the checkmark. If you still cannot connect, disconnect the LAN cable from the computer.