Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Notes on disposing of the unit

When disposing of this unit, remove the built-in battery following the procedure below.


Do not disassemble this unit except when disposing of this unit.

  1. Turn and remove the two screws on both sides on the undersurface (the side opposite to the Power button) of the unit using a Phillips screwdriver, and detach the panel.

  2. Pull the black tape attached to the wires in the direction of the arrow illustrated below, to disconnect them from the circuit board.

  3. Pull the wires towards you to remove the battery from the unit.

    Do not pull the wire with excessive force. The wires may break.

Notes on when removing the built-in battery

Be careful of the following when removing the built-in battery.

  • Remove the battery in a location out of the reach of small children. There is a risk that they may swallow small parts such as screws.
  • Pay extra attention not to hurt yourself, especially your nails, fingers, etc.
  • Do not remove the battery with wet hands.
  • Do not pull the wires with excessive force. The wires may break.

For Customers in the U.S.A. and Canada


Lithium-Ion batteries are recyclable. You can help preserve our environment by returning your used rechargeable batteries to the collection and recycling location nearest you.

For more information regarding recycling of rechargeable batteries, call toll free 1-800-822-8837, or visit http://www.rbrc.org/

Caution: Do not handle damaged or leaking Lithium-Ion Batteries.