Portable Wireless ServerWG-C10

Configuring/Checking DHCP services (Android device)

  1. Tap (Settings) on the file/folder screen.

  2. Tap [System].

  3. Tap [DHCP service].

    The following items can be set/checked as necessary.

    [Network] (settable item)

    • Tap [Network].
    • Select a network on the settings screen.
    • Tap [OK] to complete the settings.

    [Subnet mask] (unchangeable)

    • You can check the subnet mask value.

    [Gateway] (unchangeable)

    • You can check the gateway value.

    [DNS server] (settable item)

    • Tap [DNS server].
    • Select [Manual] on the select screen.

      [Auto] is selected normally.

    • Enter the necessary DNS server.
    • Tap [OK] to complete the settings.

    [Address lease time] (unchangeable)

    • You can check the lease period of the IP address.

    [Address pool] (settable item)

    • Tap [Address pool].
    • Set the start IP address on the settings screen.

      10 IP addresses from the one set will be used.

    • Tap [OK] to complete the settings.