What is pairing?

Pairing is the process required to mutually register the information on BLUETOOTH devices to be connected wirelessly.
It is necessary to pair BLUETOOTH devices to establish a BLUETOOTH connection.
Since the pairing information is retained even if the devices are turned off, it is not necessary to pair the same devices again. Select your situation from the following pairing cases.

Case A: Pairing the system with a BLUETOOTH device for the first time (Auto pairing)

Case B: Pairing the system with the 2nd and other BLUETOOTH devices manually (Manual pairing)

If your smartphone has a one-touch connection function, you can connect the system with your smartphone by touching the smartphone to the system.
You must pair the devices again in the following cases:
  • Pairing information has been deleted after repair, etc.

  • The system has been paired with 9 or more devices. The system can be paired with up to 8 devices; if a new device is paired after the first 8 devices have been paired, the device whose latest connection time is the oldest among the 8 paired devices is replaced by the new one.

  • When recognition of the system by the device to be connected has been deleted.

  • When the system is initialized, pairing information is deleted.