Personal Audio SystemSRS-X88

Standby mode differences

Standby function

The speaker is in standby mode when the (on/standby) indicator is off.

If you tap the (on/standby) button to turn off the speaker, the (on/standby) indicator turns off and the speaker enters standby mode.

BLUETOOTH/Network standby function

The speaker is in the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode when the (on/standby) indicator lights up in orange.

If the BLUETOOTH/Network standby function is on, the speaker turns on automatically by operating a network device or BLUETOOTH device, and network or BLUETOOTH connection starts.

When you turn on the speaker in the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode, the start-up time becomes shorter and the speaker will become operational sooner, than when you turn on the speaker in standby mode.

With the speaker turned on, tap and hold the (on/standby) button until the (on/standby) indicator lights up in orange. The speaker turns off and enters the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode.


  • To comply with the power saving regulation in Europe, products with the serial number 2800001 or later cannot use this function when the product is connected to the wired network or not connected to the wireless network. This function will not be available when the network connection is disconnected as well. If so, set this function again.
  • When the multi-room function turns on, it supports TDLS (Tunneled Direct Link Setup) and works as a wireless router that improves the data communication quality (Version 1.60 or later).

Auto standby function

The speaker automatically enters standby mode or switches to the BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode if the speaker remains in any of the following states for about 15 minutes.

  • No operation of the speaker.
  • No connect/disconnect operations to the speaker from external devices.
  • Music (sound) is not played while connected to an external device.


  • In standby mode, the power consumption of the speaker reduces.
  • In BLUETOOTH/Network standby mode, the speaker's start-up time will be shorter.
  • The auto standby function can be turned off by using SongPal.