Smart Sports GearSSE-BTR1

Changing the earbuds

To enjoy better sound quality, change the earbuds to a size that fits your ears comfortably and snugly.

  1. While holding the headphone, twist and pull the earbud off.

    If the earbud slips and cannot be detached, wrap it in a soft, dry cloth.

  2. Attach the earbuds to the headphone.

    Push the earbud onto the headphone to where the end of the earbud’s colored part () aligns with . Attach the earbud firmly to the headphone to prevent it from detaching and remaining in your ear.


  • If the earbuds are damaged, purchase standard-type earbuds, EP-EX11 (not supplied). For swimming earbuds, contact your nearest Sony dealer.
  • If the earbuds get dirty, remove the earbuds from the headphones and hand-wash them with diluted neutral detergent. After washing, drain off the water and reattach them.