Smart Sports GearSSE-BTR1


If the surface is dirty

  • Clean the device with a soft cloth, such as a cleaning cloth for eyeglasses.
  • Should the device become excessively dirty, clean it with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution.
  • Do not use any solvent, such as alcohol or benzene, as doing so may damage the surface of the device.

Maintenance after swimming

Clean the earbuds and the device after every use as follows. The buildup of foreign substances such as earwax in the headphone sections may cause deteriorated sound quality or sound loss. If there is a buildup of any foreign substances on the terminals, the device may not be charged or may not be recognized by your computer.

Washing the earbuds

Remove the earbuds. Wash the earbuds by hand using a mild detergent solution. After washing the earbuds, dry them well.

Washing the device

Do not rub any foreign substances attached to the mesh sheet () of the headphones. Doing so may push them into the headphones.

Rinse the terminals () and mesh sheet () of the device with gentle running tap water.

If the terminals () and mesh sheet () are not clean, wet a soft brush such as a toothbrush with water and clean them. Take note that if you use excessive force, the mesh sheet () may tear.

Wipe the moisture off the terminals and surface of the device using a soft, dry cloth.

Pat the headphones softly against a dry cloth. Repeat patting about 20 times. Then place a dry cloth under the headphones and leave at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours.