Using the remote control

You can operate many of the TV’s features by using the / / / and buttons.

For descriptions of the remote control buttons, refer to the Reference Guide.

  1. Use the , , and buttons to “focus” on the desired item.
  2. Press the centre of the button to select the item currently in focus.

To return to the previous screen

Press the BACK button.

Using Voice Search (Voice Search supported models only)

For Voice Search supported models, the remote control has a built-in microphone. By speaking into the microphone, you can search for content on the Internet.

  1. Press the button.
    The LED on the remote control will light up.
  2. Speak into the built-in microphone.

When your voice is not being recognised

Confirm the following:

  • The button is activated.

To confirm these settings, press the HOME button, then select [Settings] — [Voice Remote Control].


  • An Internet connection is required to use Voice Search.
  • The type of remote control supplied with the TV, and the availability of a remote control with a built-in microphone varies depending on your model/region/country. An optional remote control is available in some models/regions/countries.