Help Guide

Using the Set-Top Box Function

(Applicable for Sony remote with STB function only)
  • Select TV or STB Mode by pressing the TV or STB button.
  • When in STB Mode, TV button will not function (and vice versa).

    (TV Power, STB Power, TV Input, YouTube and NETFLIX buttons will always function in both modes.)

Illustration of remote control
  1. STB Standby
    • Turns the STB on or switches to standby mode.
  2. TV/STB buttons
    • Change Remote to TV/STB mode.
  3. Number Buttons
    • Select channels. For channel numbers 10 and above, enter the next digit quickly.
  4. FAV (Favorite)
    • Direct go to STB Favorite channel.
  5. Colour Buttons
    • Display operation guide (when color buttons are available).
  6. Info
    • Display information.
  7. Item select/Enter
    • Select or adjust items.
    • Confirm selected items.
    • Exit or return to the previous screen of any displayed menu.
  9. HOME
    • Display or cancels the menu.
  10. Volume
    • Adjust STB volume.
  11. REC
    • To record current program
      (Depending on STB feature).
  12. Reverse, FF, Play, Stop, Pause
    • Operate media contents.
  13. VOD (Video on Demand)
    • Access On Demand Service
      (Depending on STB feature).
  14. GUIDE
    • Browse channel (EPG) in STB.
  15. JUMP
    • Returns to the previous channel.
  16. PROG +/−
    • Select the next (+) or previous (−) channel.
  17. Mute
    • Mutes the sound. Press again to restore the sound.
    • To Display Recorded Title List.
  • The buttons with printed characters in yellow are activated after pressing STB selector.
  • Some button name / function might be vary depending on model.