Using the Action Menu

By pressing the (ACTION) button, a menu appears and provides quick access to the functions that are available for the currently displayed screen, such as picture, sound, and other settings.

Image of the TV screen
  1. Press the (ACTION) button.
  2. Move the focus left or right to select the desired category.
  3. Move the focus up or down to select the desired item.
  4. Press the Enter button to launch the selected item.

Main Action Menu items

Press the (ACTION) button while watching TV broadcasts or content from external input to display settings that you can change while watching. This allows you to change settings without having to go to the Home screen.


  • The menu items displayed in the Action Menu may vary depending on the selected screen, or the TV model you are using. The Action Menu may also not be displayed depending on the display status of the TV or the app used.

Display & Sound

Picture Off
Turns the picture off while the sound remains on.
Changes settings related to picture quality. For details, refer to the [Picture] page.
Changes settings related to sound. For details, refer to the [Sound] page.
Select TV or external speakers.


Watch TV
Jump to the input which is set in [Customise TV key]. For details, refer to the [External inputs] page.
Audio Language (Digital channels only)
Select among the available options to switch among the audio language streams. The programme you are tuned to may be broadcasted in a different language in the audio language streams.
Dual sound (Analogue channels only)
Enjoy stereo, bilingual and mono programmes.
  • [Stereo]: Select for stereo reception when viewing a programme broadcast in stereo.
  • [A/B]: Select to switch the TV to 1st language or 2nd language when a bilingual programme is received.
  • [Mono]: Select for mono reception. Use to reduce noise during weak stereo broadcasts.
Audio description (Digital channels only)
Provides an audio description (narration) of visual information, when available. Broadcasters of certain countries may not provide this feature.


Displays the [Settings] menu.