Help Guide

Photo Frame Mode

Photo Frame Mode displays the clock and calendar at the same time as displaying a photo, and listening to music or FM radio.

Press HOME Select [Photo Frame Mode] under [Apps].

Image of Photo Frame Mode screen

To launch Photo Frame Mode while playback USB media

Press OPTIONS while playback a photo or music file Select [Photo Frame Mode].

To select Display mode

You can change the Photo Frame Mode display by selecting [Display Mode] in the [Photo Frame Settings]. [Photo Frame Settings]

To select Clock Display mode

You can select among three clock display modes by selecting [Clock Display] in the [Photo Frame Settings]. [Photo Frame Settings]

  • This TV does not have a battery powered backup for the clock. If there is a power failure or if you disconnect the power cord, the current date and time will reset automatically.


To save power, the TV continually plays back in Photo Frame Mode for up to 24 hours before powering off automatically. After automatic power off, do not use Photo Frame Mode for at least one hour to avoid panel burn-in.
You can change the setting of the [Duration] in the [Photo Frame Settings]. [Photo Frame Settings]

To avoid panel burn-in, the position of the photo, clock and calendar are switched automatically every hour.