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Controlling the Power State of Your VAIO Computer (Sleep Mode/Shutdown)

By default, your VAIO computer automatically enters Sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity.

In Sleep mode, the computer will retain its current state, including data you are working on, while you take a break.

See Using Sleep Mode for more information on Sleep mode.

When you do not use your VAIO computer for a while

To avoid losing unsaved data, follow these steps to shut down your VAIO computer.

  1. Save your data and close all running apps.
  2. Turn off any peripherals connected to your VAIO computer.
  3. Open the charms, and then select theSettings charm. (See Opening the Charms to open the charms.)
  4. SelectPower and Shut down.

    After a short time, your VAIO computer automatically turns off. If the computer is equipped with the power indicator, the green power indicator light turns off.


  • An improper shutdown may cause loss of unsaved data or cause your VAIO computer to malfunction.

  • To disconnect your VAIO computer completely from an AC power source, turn off the computer, and then unplug the power cord from the AC outlet.


  • If you select Shut down while holding down the Shift key in step 4, you can place your VAIO computer into the minimum power consumption state (ACPI S5 mode). In this case, the fast boot function is temporarily disabled on the next start-up.