Personal ComputerVAIO Duo 13SVD1322

Notes on Sleep Mode

Read the following precautions before using Sleep mode.

  • Some USB devices may not support Sleep mode. When your VAIO computer resumes from Sleep mode, the computer may not recognize such USB devices, depending on the type and number of connected USB devices.

    If you cannot place the computer into Sleep mode, disconnect all USB devices and try again.

  • Your VAIO computer may return to Normal mode from Sleep mode with mouse operation depending on the mouse you use.

  • If your VAIO computer enters Sleep mode when the computer is unstable, it may not resume from Sleep mode. The following operations are recommended:

    • Before placing your VAIO computer into Sleep mode, save your files and exit all running apps.

    • Shut down your VAIO computer periodically.

  • Depending on the current state of Windows, your VAIO computer might not be able to enter Sleep mode.

  • If your VAIO computer enters Sleep mode while running a task, such as DVD writing, the task may be suspended.

  • When your VAIO computer is not connected to the Internet, you cannot obtain the latest updates on email, Social Networking Services (SNSs), etc.

  • Your VAIO computer may become warm during Sleep mode.