Personal ComputerVAIO Duo 13SVD1322

Checking the Battery Charge Capacity

The battery pack is consumable. The capacity gradually declines through repeated cycles of recharging and discharging. As a result, the battery life becomes short even if it is fully charged and eventually the battery pack reaches the end of its life.

If the battery life has become short, replace the battery pack with a new one specified by Sony. Refer to the help file for more information on battery charge status and capacity decrease.

  1. Start VAIO Control Center and select Power and Battery. (See Starting Apps to start VAIO Control Center.)
  2. Select Details in Battery or Battery Care Function.

    Detailed battery pack information, such as charging capacity, is displayed.


  • Enable the battery care function to maximize the battery lifespan. With this function, you can reduce battery degradation by limiting the maximum charging capacity. When the function is enabled, the battery pack is not fully charged.