Personal ComputerVAIO Duo 13SVD1322

Keeping Your VAIO Computer in Optimum Condition (VAIO Care)

With VAIO Care, you can perform the following operations to keep your VAIO computer running at an optimum level.

  • Conduct regular performance checks and tune-ups.

  • Find support information (the support website URL and the contact information).

  • Start VAIO Care just by pressing the ASSIST button and search for appropriate measures if you have any problem.

  1. Press the ASSIST button while your VAIO computer is on.

    VAIO Care starts.

    Refer to the help file included with VAIO Care for more information.


  • Pressing the ASSIST button while your VAIO computer is off displays the VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) screen. VAIO Care (Rescue Mode): VAIO recovery solutions can be used to recover the computer in case of emergency, for example, if Windows does not start.

  • Alternatively, open the Apps screen and select VAIO Care.

    To open the Apps screen, see Opening the App List.