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Refreshing Your VAIO Computer

If your VAIO computer has become unstable, it is recommended that you use the refresh function provided by Windows. Refresh the computer by following these steps.

  1. Press the ASSIST button while your VAIO computer is off.
    The VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) screen appears.
  2. Select Start troubleshooting (recovery).
    Follow the on-screen instructions until the Choose an option screen appears.
  3. Select Troubleshoot and Refresh your PC.

Most user data saved on your built-in storage device, some Windows settings and all apps downloaded from Windows Store will be retained even after you refresh your VAIO computer. However, some app settings or files in the specific folders may not be retained.

Confirm the following list for details of which settings are retained, and which data is erased after you refresh the computer.

Settings retained after you refresh your VAIO computer

The following settings will be retained after you refresh your VAIO computer.

  • Library settings

  • User accounts (local, domain, Microsoft account), and group memberships

  • Domain settings

  • Windows Update settings

  • Start screen and lock screen background

  • Desktop themes

  • International settings

  • Wireless network profiles

  • Settings configured in Windows Welcome

Data erased after you refresh your VAIO computer

The data in the folders specified below will be erased after you refresh your VAIO computer.

  • \Windows

  • \Program Files

  • \Program Files(x86)

  • \ProgramData

  • \Users\(User name)\AppData


  • Save important data in advance.

  • Copyright protected data, such as digital broadcast data or music files organized by digital media playback apps may not be available, even if the data is retained in the same location after you refresh your VAIO computer.

    Refer to the help file included with the app you are using for instructions.


  • The apps installed at the time of delivery and installed from Windows Store are retained, whereas all Desktop apps that you installed after the purchase will be erased.