Personal ComputerVAIO Fit 14E/15ESVF1431/SVF1441/SVF1531/SVF1541

Notes on Using the Power Source

Read the following precautions before using the power source.

  • If you remove the battery pack while your VAIO computer is turned on or in Sleep mode, but the computer is disconnected from an AC power source, you may lose all unsaved data.

Notes on the AC adapter

  • Use the AC adapter supplied with your VAIO computer or with genuine Sony products. Do not use any other AC adapter as it may cause a malfunction.

  • Do not connect the AC adapter to a power conversion device such as a travel power converter. It may cause overheating or a malfunction.

  • If the AC adapter cable becomes damaged or broken, do not use it.

´╗┐Notes on turning on your VAIO computer

  • Because your VAIO computer contains magnetic components, keep magnetic storage media away from the computer, as it may cause data corruption.

  • Keep magnetic devices away from your VAIO computer.