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Turning On Your VAIO Computer

Turn on your VAIO computer to start Windows.

Carefully read the precautions in Notes on Using the Power Source before turning on.

  1. Install the battery pack on your VAIO computer. (See Installing the Battery Pack.)
  2. Connect your VAIO computer to an AC outlet. (See Connecting a Power Source.)
  3. Lift the LCD screen lid.
  4. Press the(Power) button.

    If your VAIO computer is equipped with the power indicator, it turns on in green.

    The computer is turned on, and Windows starts after a while.


  • If you press and hold down the(Power) button for more than four seconds, your VAIO computer will not turn on.

  • When moving the LCD screen, do not hold the built-in camera as it may cause your VAIO computer to malfunction.

  • If you press the(Power) button with the LCD screen lid closed, your VAIO computer will not turn on.

  • Do not touch the touch screen when turning on your VAIO computer as it may cause the computer to malfunction. (Touch screen equipped models)


  • By default, your VAIO computer automatically enters Sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity while the computer is connected to an AC outlet. See Using Sleep Mode for more information.