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What should I do if I cannot start/complete the recovery process?

  • Disconnect all unnecessary external devices from your VAIO computer.

  • Try the suggestions below:

    • Check the condition of Recovery Media. If you are using optical discs, check the discs for dirt or damage. If the discs are not clean, clean them and try recovering your VAIO computer again.

    • If you cannot recover your VAIO computer from the recovery area, restart the computer and recover the computer from the recovery area again, or use Recovery Media.

    • If you cannot recover your VAIO computer using a USB optical drive or USB flash drive, connect the drive to another USB port or to the USB port that is compliant with the USB 2.0 standard (if any). Then, turn off the computer and try recovering it again. See Recovering from the Recovery Area for more information.

  • If the problem persists, visit the VAIO online support website for further assistance.