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Using NFC/One-touch functions (NFC supported models)

Easily connect an NFC/One-touch functions supported device to your VAIO computer by simply touching the computer with the device.

  1. Open the charms and select theSettings charm. (See Opening the Charms to open the charms.)
  2. Select Change PC settings in the lower right corner.
  3. Select Wireless in the left pane of the PC settings screen.
  4. Change Airplane mode to Off and the NFC setting under Wireless devices to On.
  5. When touching your VAIO computer (Parts and Controls on the Front) with an NFC/One-touch functions supported device, ensure that the touch mark on each device faces each other.

    A message will appear the moment the device is recognized.

    Follow the on-screen instructions.


  • Refer to Windows Help and Support (Opening Windows Help and Support) for more information on Airplane mode.

  • You may need to change the device settings depending on the NFC/One-touch functions supported device you use. For detailed information, refer to the manual that came with your device.