Personal ComputerVAIO Fit 14E/15ESVF1431/SVF1441/SVF1531/SVF1541

Parts and Controls on the Front

Describes the features on the front of the VAIO computer, such as buttons and indicator lights.

  1. Built-in camera* (Using the Built-in Camera)

  2. Built-in camera indicator (Using the Built-in Camera)

  3. LCD screen or touch screen (Touch screen equipped models) (How to Use the Touch Screen (Touch screen equipped models))

  4. Keyboard

  5. Touch pad (Using the Touch Pad)

  6. Touch mark (NFC supported models) (Using NFC/One-touch functions (NFC supported models))

  7. Built-in speakers (stereo)

* The shape of the built-in camera depends on the model.

  1. ASSIST button (About the ASSIST Button)

  2. Num lock indicator

  3. Caps lock indicator

  4. Power button (Turning On Your VAIO Computer)

  5. Built-in microphone (monaural) (Using the Built-in Camera)

  6. Power indicator (Turning On Your VAIO Computer)

  7. Charge indicator (Charge Indicator Status List)

  8. Disc drive indicator

  9. SD memory card slot (Inserting SD Memory Cards)